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MR Vol. 31 no. 2 (mar/apr 2006): Llallagua Zoom

MR Vol. 37 no. 2 (mar/apr 2006): Llallagua

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    The Mineralogical Record Vol. 37 no. 2 (mar/apr 2006): Llallagua


    Famous mineral localities: Llallagua, Bolivia, page 117-162
    Jaroslav Hyrsl & Alfredo Petrov

    Lafossaite: a new mineral from the La Fossa Crater, Vulcano, Italy, page 165-168
    Andrew C. Roberts, Katherine E. Venance, Terry M. Seward, Joel D. Grice & Werner H. Paar

    Collector Profile: Richard W. Graeme and the Graeme Family Collection of Bisbee Minerals and Ores, page 171-180
    Thomas P. Moore

    Notes From the Editors
    Label Archive, page 106-107
    Early Journals. page 107-108
    Art Museum Additions, page 108-109
    Obituary: Maximilian Glas; Christian Weise, page 108-109

    Letters, page 183-184