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SGF  97 - The Roadside Geology of Namibia Zoom

SGF 97 - The Roadside Geology of Namibia

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    Sammlung Geologischer Führer 97: The Roadside Geology of Namibia
    (second revised edition)

    Namibia has over the years attracted scientists from all over the world to study its geology, uniquely exposed in the desert environment. Their research has shaped geological thinking worldwide, and led to the development of many new concepts. Due to an arid climate and low population density, geological features are ever present and eye-catching in Namibia. It is for these reasons, that both scientists and laymen are attracted to the country, and many a tourist develops a keen interest in geology when touring this beautiful country.

    The Roadside Geology Guide has been prepared on response to a growing demand for geological information. The guide provides a general introduction into the geological development of southern Africa and Namibia in particular, followed by general chapters on mineralogy, palaeontology, hydrogeology and mining. Special geological attractions of Namibia are then described in detail, followed by detailed route descriptions of 29 routes throughout the entire country. They are presented in a radial fashion, starting with routes from the central part of the country towards the west, followed by southern and eastern Namibia and ending with the northern routes. The route descriptions are accompanied by geological maps as well as stratigraphic diagrams.

    In this second, revised edition, text, figures and cover have been corrected and optimized.

    Engels 2008, 294 bladzijden, 112 afbeeldingen, 1 tabel, Afm. 20x14 cm, 480 gram

    (Schrijver: Gabi Schneider )